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Pearl White Jokerr Hat

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Welcome to the official Jokerr Hat 2.0. With higher quality construction, and now made with cutting-edge flex-satin and high density felt, the new Jokerr hats are dimensionally an exact replica of the hats worn by The Jokerr in many of his videos and performances, but will breath better and also flex to fit all head sizes. Also with the new hats, there are rigid structure elements in place to help keep the hat upright for maximum shape and symmetrical prong danglage! This is the Pearl White Hat. This is a replica of the Jokerr hat The Jokerr wore during his famous Dead Horse apology music video.

NOTE- THIS BATCH OF 4 HATS was made slightly undersized, NOT RECOMMENDED FOR LARGE HEADS. Small-medium OK. But if you got a big dome and want one of these you should wait until the next run! Grab one of the other hats for now. :)

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